Poli 102G: Special Topics – Religion in American Politics (Summer Session 2, 2010)

Poli 102G midterm prompts Due 8/25

Poli 102G syllabus

John Winthrop – “A Model of Christian Charity”

Declaration of Independence & Constitution of the United States of America 1776, 1789

John L. O’Sullivan, “Introduction” (DR vol. 1, no. 1), 1837; “The Great Nation of Futurity” (DR vol. 6, no. 23), 1839; “Territorial Aggrandizement” (DR vol. 17, no. 88), 1845

Thomas Bacon, “A Sermon to Maryland Slaves” 1749

Frederick Douglass, “An Address on ‘Evangelical Flogging’” 1847, George D. Armstrong, “The Christian Doctrine of Slavery: God’s Work in God’s Way” 1857

William Jennings Bryan, The “Cross of Gold” Speech, 1896; Closing Statement at Scopes, 1925

Leonard Dinnerstein, “Antisemitism in the Depression Era”

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – Letter from a Birmingham Jail 1963

Malcolm X – The Ballot or the Bullet, 1964

William E. Montgomery – “The Preachers: The Creation of an African-American Preaching Style”

Hortense J. Spillers, “Martin Luther King and the Style of the Black Sermon”

X (George F. Kenna), “The Sources of Soviet Conduct” 1947

President George W. Bush, 2003 State of the Union Address

President Barack Obama, Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech 2009

Religion, Society, and Politics in Modern Times

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