Poli 110J Midterm

Respond to one prompt with an essay of 5-7 pages.  Papers will be due on Wednesday, February 10 at the beginning of class.  For other important essay information, see the slides for lecture 5.2.

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1. ‘Lincoln’s vision of the United States is in blatant contradiction to the arguments laid out in Paine’s “Common Sense”.’ To what extent is this statement true, if any?

2. “Positive liberty” is present when an individual has the power and ability to fulfill his or her full potential, while the term “negative liberty” refers to an absence of restraint.  To what extent is each of these concepts present within the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers?

3. It has been argued in this course that the definition of the political community is in itself an act of power.  How does O’Sullivan define the American political community, and what are the consequences of this definition for his political thought?

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