Political Science 506: Power in 20th Century American Society

Professor Gomez
Office Hours: TuTh 1:15-2:15, North Hall 401

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Lecture Slides
01 Introduction (1/22)
02 Berlin (1/24)
03 Foucault (1/29)
04 Foucault (1/31)
05 Ginsberg (2/4)
06 Ehrenreich (2/7)
07 Ehrenreich (2/12)
08 Marcuse (2/18)
09 Marcuse (2/21)
10 Marcuse (2/26)
11 Johnson (2/28)
12 Johnson (5/3)
13 Malcolm X & Alex Haley (3/7)
14 Malcolm X & Alex Haley (3/12)
15 Malcolm X & Alex Haley (3/14)
16 Alexander (3/19)
17 Alexander (3/21)
18 Alexander (4/2)
19 Alexander (4/4)
20 Do the Right Thing (4/9)
21 Friedan (4/11)
22 Friedan (4/16)
23 Friedan (4/18)
24 Millet, Firestone, & Morrison (4/23)
25 Starling, Jervis, Peterson, & Millar (4/25)
26 Millar & Valenti (4/30)
27 Valenti & Graff (5/2)
28 Thelma & Louise (5/7)
29 Death Proof (5/9)

Course Reader
Readings marked “Recommended” are not required, but will add to understanding of course materials & be useful for in-class discussion.

I. Power & Freedom
Isaiah Berlin, “Two Concepts of Liberty”
Selections from Michel Foucault, Discipline & Punish

II. Class & Economy as Practices of Power
Recommended: NYT: For Poor, Leap to College Often Ends in a Hard Fall

Recommended: The Economist: Nomencracy: Surnames offer depressing clues to the extent of social mobility over generations

Recommended: The Economist: Upper Bound: Social Mobility & Inequality

III. Race, Identity, & Social Order
Ossie Davis, Eulogy for Malcolm X; “On Malcolm X”

Strongly Recommended: Peggy McIntosh, “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack”

Recommended: Look magazine interview with Emmett Till’s murderers ; Subsequent letters to the editor of Look

Recommended: Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter From Birmingham Jail
Recommended: Statement by Alabama Clergymen (the statement that prompted King’s letter)

Recommended: William F. Buckley, Why The South Must Prevail (1957)

Recommended: Gov. George C. Wallace, 1963 Inaugural Speech: “Segregation Today, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever”

Ta-Nehisi Coates, “The Good, Racist People”
Recommended: Ta-Nehisi Coates, “The American Case Against a Black Middle Class
Recommended: Review: When Affirmative Action Was White

Recommended: NYT: Recording Points to Race Factor in Stops by New York Police

IV. Gender, Bodies, Power, & Violence
Recommended: The Onion: Teenage Girl Blossoming Into Beautiful Object

Recommended: Stella Bugby, “Women on Magazine Covers Only Allowed Three Wrinkles

Kate Millet, “Theory of Sexual Politics”; Shulamith Firestone, selection from The Dialectic of Sex; Toni Morrison, “What the Black Woman Thinks About Women’s Lib”

Phaedra Starling, “Schrödinger’s Rapist: or A Guy’s Guide to Approaching Strange Women Without Being Maced”
Thomas MacAulay Millar, “Mythcommunication: It’s Not That They Don’t Understand, They Just Don’t Like The Answer”
Recommended: Thomas MacAulay Millar, “Meet the Predators”

The Steubenville Rape Case
Recommended: NYT: Rape Case Unfolds on Web and Splits City
Recommended: The Cleveland Plain Dealer: Steubenville sexual assault case gets international attention after video goes viral
Recommended: The Cleveland Plain Dealer: Steubenville rape trial will center on issue of consent
Recommended: Dan Wetzel, “Prosecutors may get conviction in Steubenville rape trial, but it will come at a cost”
Recommended: NYT: 2 Ohio Teenagers Found Guilty in Rape of Girl

Selections from Jaclyn Friedman & Jessica Valenti, eds., Yes Means Yes

Jaclyn Friedman, “This Is What Rape Culture Looks Like”
Jessica Valenti, “Ending Rape Illiteracy”; “Asking For It”
E.J. Graff, “Building a Respect Culture”; “To Stop Rape Culture, Ring the Bell”
Recommended: Ta-Nehisi Coates, “Raymond Chandler’s Private Dick”
Recommended: Amanda Marcotte, ““Faked Rape Threat Still Does Not Prove Women “Cry Rape” To Cover Up Sex”
Recommended: Business Insider, Mountain Dew Doesn’t Want You To See This ‘Racist’ Ad That Glorifies Violence Against Women
Recommended: Amanda Hess, “Elizabeth Smart Says Pro-Abstinence Sex Ed Harms Victims of Rape”
Recommended: Garance Franke-Ruta, “Niall Ferguson, Ted Cruz, and the Politics of Masculinity”

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